Original Maithili Poem by Smt.Shefalika Varma,Translated into English by Lalan

Shefalika Verma has written two outstanding books in Maithili; one a book of poems titled “BHAVANJALI”, and the other, a book of short stories titled “YAYAVARI”. Her Maithili Books have been translated into many languages including Hindi, English, Oriya, Gujarati, Dogri and others. She is frequently invited to the India Poetry Recital Festivals as her fans and friends are important people. I do not have to give more introduction of her as her achievements speak for themselves.

As and when lonliness of graveyard

gets down in my eyes

blood of heart solidify into Ahilya

in the jungle of hunger

lotus bismeared with blood smiles

my inner becomes injured

with so called civilization and culture


a question ariss in my mind

only a question

to be asked from Janak

why did you send so much gifts

with Sita

you threw away the women folk

into burnning fire of dowry

by even presenting several kingdoms

why did you give birth to dowry system ??

My mind haunts

with a question

again to be asked from Sita...


why did you agree to undergo

agnipariksha praposed by Ram

being yourself possessed with power

got exploited

by accepting banishment to forest

thus giving birth to silence system

why did you put female life

under pains and sorrow ??


see the drama of RAMRAJ


dhobi is present in every house

and Ravan in every street

but not visible is RAM

now a days dont know

where Ram has gone

where Ram has gone.........................


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