Dear Satanand Purhit

Original Poem in Maithili by Gajendra Thakur Translated into English by Jyoti Jha Chaudhary

Dear Satanand Purhit
The day of Agahan Shukla Vivah Panchami
The best day for marriage
Satanand Purhit
Ram and Sita got married on that day
Aunty from Kharadak also
Got married on the vivah panchami
The preist was also someone very famous
How much the goddess Sita had suffered !
The marba was painted with Mithila painting
Parichan, Naina-jogin all rituals were performed
Just like the marriage of the goddess Sita
The marriage of the aunty was bal-vivah
The day was also very auspicious
Naina jogin and song of jog
Nothing could save her from widowhood
She was widowed
My friend tells me
When he takes his sister-in-law
To the Danapur Cant for pension
He cries at heart
By seeing his widow sister-in-law
He favoured the system of
Re-marriage of widow
In front of his father
Got reply with full anger
The ancestor of the famous family
Of Babusaheb from Neura’s Rajputs
How could he dare!
But he knows that
His father is also not happy
But bound to bear the system of society
He didn’t have any other option
Dear Shatanand Purhit
Please explain me
The speciality of that auspicious day.


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