Addressed to the system/warning

Ramlochan Thakur (1949- ) Senior Maithili language Poet, theatre artist ,editor and critic . "Itihashanta" and "Deshak nam chhal son chrai", "Apoorva"(collection of poems).
Gajendra Thakur (b. 1971) is the editor of Maithili ejournal “Videha” that can be viewed at . His poem, story, novel, research articles, epic – all in Maithili language are lying scattered and is in print in single volume by the title “KurukShetram.” He can be reached at his email:
Original Maithili Poem by Sh. Ramlochan Thakur translated into English by GAJENDRA THAKUR
Addressed to the system/ warning-
Without any indication
Any wait for time
The sleeping volcano
Could thunder anytime
The mountaineer
Anytime could lag behind


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