On the Dice-board of the Millennium- Gajendra Thakur

Maithili Anthology of Poems “Shahasrabdik Chaupar Par” by Gajendra Thakur translated into English by Jyoti Jha Chaudhary

1.The Trumpet Player Of A Musical Band’s Accompaniments
Observing the note of a trumpet
Among the crowd of a band
Perceiving the scene of emptiness
Painted on the canvas of nature
Picture of a roaring ocean
Words of characters painted in a dark cave
No one can see the picture in this darkness
At least people can hear voice of my aspiration
Sailing yacht in the sea crossing the waves
Short of time to hear the sound they make
Viewing the musical notes of fluctuating waves
The lilting sea waves are countless
The indefinite sky doesn’t have any end
The oceans, by joining each other
Misapprehend to be endless
On the rotating round earth
An illusion of a gigantic whirl
But man triumphed over
The boundary of sea too
Measured its circumference
Is the illusion of sky limited?
Is there any end to this too?
Accept it endless unless proved
In viewing words
Hearing pictures
Crossing seas
Counting time-period-countries
Left viewing the
Pictures of the dark cave
Left listening to
Roar of the seas
Can see the voice and hear the picture
A strange sage
Joining the crowd of orchestra
Turned into a trumpet player
Of a musical band’s accompaniments
Note – In the street bands in Rajasthan, many musicians do play trumpet in order but at the same time many of them just pretend to play by bringing the trumpet to the mouth. These unskilled members of a band are instructed not to blow the trumpet in any case. Such musicians are addressed as band’s accompaniments.

2.The Invisible Fence Of The Colours Of My Heart
The invisible fence of the colours of my heart
The collapsing walls of emotions
Pillars of rigidity standing firm
The granary of archived desires is full
The Himalayan wooden temple at home
Or the Tulasi tree at the passage
Only depicts good virtues
The borders of wells and high bank of ponds
The blue walls of the swimming pool
Making colour of water azure
The invisible fence of the colours of heart
The pillar of the rigidity stands

3.Mandakini Living In The Heaven Came To The Earth Now
Badrivishal and Kedarnath
Meeting of Alaknanda and Mandakini
Two of the thundering streams meet
Who is living in the cloudy house?
The cloud that left
Did not return yet
But along the way
The cold wind came with earth quake
Animals trapped and fell down
Whose is this snow capped house?
Heart is shaken to see the stream
No ends of the mountain range
The slope is so steep and brook is at the ground
Edges fenced with two mountains
This is your beauty! Oh Alaknanda!
Mandakini who lives in the heaven
Is seen on the earth
The thundering bubbly torrent
The new vision I am gifted with today
Showed me the world filled with cold wind.

4.The Concrete Pillar Of The Pond

The heated bank of the pond in the hot day
The trees, plants bushes all the way
look so faded like sprinkled with warm water
Every pond has a wooden pillar in its centre
The green deposits depicting its old age
The other part of the village
Has only that ditch, ponds are none
Without any pillar as no rituals done
He died who was the owner and non-consecrated single
Before the sacred ceremony of establishing pillar, people mumble
He desired to get a pond when became rich
How can fame come through merely a ditch?
Look at our pond’s solid pillar
Concrete pillars become strong when they remain in water
It’s not a wooden one
Whose Life remains short

5.Estranged Sleep

Sweating in the melting day of summer
Dreaming comet appearing like a demon
Rushing to beloved crushing her neck
Lover holds the locks of the comet
Dropping into the pond
Binding the feet with locks
A hairy submarine of the pond in the hot summer day
The saint of comet came out
Taking stake of own life for sake of his beloved
The lover awakes being melted by sun, wet with sweats
The desire of deep sleep is lost
Ignoring the watching countrymen
Awake in the noon of mantras and tantras
Very uncertain dream
Becomes the fastest runner
The most active wrestler of the group
The voice of scolding master awakes him from solitude
Black painted night’s sleep
Combination of sleep and dream
Solving nation’s problem becoming a leader
Receives many clapping, leadership is appreciated
Solving the problems of religion-caste-militants
Facing the fatal attacks and winning
Awakens from sleeps but sleeps lack
Loosing the satisfaction of deep sleep
My friends poisoned my sleep gradually
And I got estranged sleep.

6.A Trial To Follow The Movements Of The Fishing Rod

The diving along the fishing rod was tried

With wings of reels of aspiration

The support by tackle to succeed

A pin drop silence of indefinite wait

The bottom of the still water so bleak

The insects passing bring movements

A light of faith and hope in creek

Stands holding the fishing rod to catch in the path

From an end of superstitions towards the science indeed

Hook attached with the food of knowledge

The waiting ended and a divine peace

The turtle are not present

Couldn’t see the hurdles He had made

The two forms of baby life

Could hold the rod only when fish increased

The reels of desire and tackle of success

The food of knowledge

In the middle of endless sky

The mechanics of life proceed

The peaceful speechless human

The waves of feelings touched

Filled his heart with sensitive feelings

Used to lack emotions always

7.The Fire Age Of Emigration To City
The rushing group of milkmen

A chase to cross the river of Kamala

Swimming against the flow

The burp like sound of castle

Groups returning to the village

The peaceless home filled with quarrels

The life among the shit of castle

Faced towards the towns

Land of hatred dislikes pollution and diseases

Many friends died of aids

Retreating the village life

Among the fascination of the city

First came the age of emigration

Now lonely families suffering separations

What pleasure did the houses get?

Many villages are contaminated by the idea of emigration

God knows what the reason is

People will laugh at me if one sells groceries at village

But who sees what you do in the city

And facing the discrimination here too

Looking for a single people of my village

Friends are also showing proud

Generations are dieing of such ideology

The regional violence

Is this going to be fate of whole India?

Then why to leave my place out of fear

Whose conspiracy is this?

Why couldn’t find the root

Couldn’t get doctor when needed

Who will help in flood and drought?

My home is where I live now

I have sensitivity

For the next generation

I will have my courage with me always.

8.Abhinav Bhatkhande

The theft of the eternity of Bhatkhande

The conspiracy of the western music

Seizing the freedom of the Indian music

An abduction of Indian creativity

Because of lack of vision

The politics was fail

The freedom was theft

But the character of Bhatkhande

Set the Indian music free

Dear Ramrang! I read your new Geetanjali

I read that thoroughly

You are truely a new Bhatkhande

The precious treasure of India

You don’t need any name

Your asceticism of fifty year

The vocal definition of freedom

Oh devotee of Hanumaan

Your music was filled with melody of Ramayana

I recalled Tulasidas

His irrespective manner to women and shudra

Your music is victory of Ramayana

New version of freedom

Raag vaidehi, Bhairav raag

Teer Bhukti

Raag vidyapati came from Maithili

You created lyrics filled with words of maithili

In raag Bhupali and raag Bilawal

The fast and slow style of

Raag Vidyapati Kalyan

Your music gave a new recognition

To the Mithila Dhwaj Geet

A new experience

The flying flag denotes

Mental freedom

Standing up after falling down

Leaving the support

Oh Son of Sukhdev Jha

People of Khajura will be said

If we see them

To establish your statue in the village

It is hard to pay off what you did to your kins

The freedom movement should be continued

At the bank of the Ganges in Varanasi

The sage has practices his free style music

An age is ended with him

Whether you recall his name or not

But remember his free style

May be physically handicapped but

Set your mind free

Let your confidence come out with faith

Don’t let your mind over ruled.
(Classical Music theorist and vocalist Shri Ramashray Jha "Ramrang" expired on 1st January 2009, he was music composer of my "Mithilak Dhwaj Geet"- in his memory.)

9.The Sculptor

The sculptor of Balrajgarh
Belonging to the pond of Harari
The Buddhist caves of
Pastan Akaur and Naahar Bhagwatipur
The statue of Uchchaith,
Another form of Avalokiteshwar Tara
The goddess of Kali activated there
By hearing the melody of prayer sung by women
For thousands of years
The rise of Vaijayantipur-Janakpur
And the city of Mithilanagar
A land of defeating enemies
Where rivals were destroyed
The kingdom of general people
Land of the King Janak
The artworks of a lower caste
But who will appraise them now
Just worship their feet
Who kept on serving their motherland
With all dedication
After having such a bitter experience
Walked around Janakpur
Being a devotee of Kamala
A round tour of the great Mithila
Joined the group of untouchable
Established the gohbar for the community
Who sent them out of the village
But the sculptor of cuture
Made the cave of Buddha
Buddha is yours
Shiva, Ram, Krishan are yours
Since entry to temple was not banned
So didn’t quit the place
Bearing the discrimination of
Religion and caste
We must worship them
The sculpt of the statue of Buddha
Base of Brahma and Vishnu’s statues
When the construction collapsed
We all united to give them exile
Then prayer started to
The Deen Bhadari Chhechhan Maharaj
The Gareeban baba and the Lalmain baba
Amar baba, Moti bai, Gango devi
Krishana Ram Sahlesan and more
Made statues of them
The are respectful !

10.In the depth of my heart
Forgotten in mirth
Keeping all sorrow apart
Also my ambitions alongside
The sign of possibility inspires
The confidence enhanced by working
The fulfilment of wishes creates desires
When my eye lids meet
My worries vanishes
Just like the waves of a sea
Cleans the beaches
All anxiety are swiped away
From the beach of my heart
Diving into the deep sleep
I will talk to the love
The possibility of this only
Brings so much lights of positivity
But on the contrary...............................

11.The Sun And The Moon Witness

Announcement of Aryabhatta

In Patliputra

If it is other subjects in question

Many debates occur for and against

But the theory of science

Approved by the sun and the moon

The dream of Chandrayan made true

By leelawati

After learning the method of

Calculating distance between planets

The effort was fruitful today

The meaning of brahmashtra and pashupatashtra

Were known today.

12.Shelter In The Rainy Days

Janak, Yagyavalkya, Vidath, Mathav

Malla, Jagatprakash-Jagatjyotir,

Mangan Khabas, Ramrang, Yatri, Harimohan,

Sundar Jha, picture of Shastriji in jail

Having tied his feet with chain

Seerdhwaj, Vedvati, Maithili, Maitreyi

Jaymangala, Asur, Alauli, Keechak, Varijan,
Benu, All of Naulagarh

And Garhs of Balirajpur

The shelter of Buddha and Mahavir in rainydays

The field of artistry of farmers

Mongooses, hedgehogs, and Nilgais (antelopes)

Used to roam in this land

All bewitched to be vanished

The land provided livelihood for thousands of years

Now turned to a land of evacuation

What prompted people in the last fifty years

That was not known in past thousands of years

The Bhatkhande says about Raagtarangini of Lochan

Bhatkhande is mentioned in Ramrang

How can the logics of Gangesh Vachaspati

Became illogical

Sacrifice of master’s lesson by Yagyavalka

The reform of Shukla Yajurveda

But caste influenced knowledge later on

Expected exoneration from the history

Then why is it delayed

Creation of a new history .


13.Leaning towards the truth with own knowledge

Father had faith in avoiding lie
Everyone should prosper with honesty
The desire of sacrificing life for the country
Cannot see people
Following him
They don’t understand value of truth and sense of prosperity
Independence and nation
Weightless against selfishness
Then what to change? Gist of my education!
Change the way to the same destiny
Accept the way of toughness
But shouting is in vain
Just keep on rendering your job
Let them know who can understand
Let them know and misjudge
Let them judge us powerful
They will be defeated
Before they will know the real truth
When I saw truth of my father decaying
With eyes of my knowledge
Then only I realised I cannot
Give up the way of toughness


14.The story is outdated

The bomb blast in Sarojini Nagar market
The hidden bomb in the dust bin
Men cars and things thrown in the sky
The fresh red blood flowing
Days past the incident became old
The blood is dried to black
And here the breaking news-
The Delhi city is back to normal track
Delhi is a city of courageous people!
But the people who lost their earning hand
How would they recover?
Not in one or two days
But for life long
Will their lives will ever come back to the normal track!

15.Dear Satanand Purhit

Dear Satanand Purhit
The day of Agahan Shukla Vivah Panchami
The best day for marriage
Satanand Purhit
Ram and Sita got married on that day
Aunty from Kharadak also
Got married on the vivah panchami
The preist was also someone very famous
How much the goddess Sita had suffered !
The marba was painted with Mithila painting
Parichan, Naina-jogin all rituals were performed
Just like the marriage of the goddess Sita
The marriage of the aunty was bal-vivah
The day was also very auspicious
Naina jogin and song of jog
Nothing could save her from widowhood
She was widowed
My friend tells me
When he takes his sister-in-law
To the Danapur Cant for pension
He cries at heart
By seeing his widow sister-in-law
He favoured the system of
Re-marriage of widow
In front of his father
Got reply with full anger
The ancestor of the famous family
Of Babusaheb from Neura’s Rajputs
How could he dare!
But he knows that
His father is also not happy
But bound to bear the system of society
He didn’t have any other option
Dear Shatanand Purhit
Please explain me
The speciality of that auspicious day.

16.The Knowledge Born In Kusumpur

In the age of the spaceship to moon
I recall the allegation of Aryabhatt
We elucidated our knowledge in this Kusumpur
Measured diameters of the earth, the sun and the moon
The earth is not static
This is moving
The stars are illusions that are still
The eclipse is not galloping of Rahu rather merely a shade
Well, congratulations for the spaceship to the moon
To the scientists of ISRO and Madhawan Nair
Thou came fifteen hundreds years after the Aryabhatt
Not too late for those countrymen
Who couldn’t count the start even after reading Leelawati
If not in Kusumpur then in Harikota
The theory couldn’t be credited to Kusumpur
At least send congratulations from Kusumpur
Now we won’t put water in plate to touch the moon
Thou the knowledge were initiated by Aryabhatt in the Kusumpur
At least send wishes from the Kusumpur
17.A Dozen Of Haikus
(in 5-7-5 and 3-5- 3 syllable scheme)
a) Affect of season,

Trees are covered with flowers
The leaves are hidden

b) Nests of the red ants,
Shells rubbed to hollow centre
Chopped baby jack fruits

c) Cuckoos songs
Not eaten by fox
Monsters’ crowd

d) The mid day
In the ghostly groves
Holding breath

e) Juicy fruits
Orchard of Mangoes

f) All are heaped to ripe
The high piles of husks for heat
Except matured ones

g) Plucked with the stick
Buried after worshipping
The grandfather’s grave

h) The game of titi
Playing Satghariya
With seeds of Asoka

i) Kansupti
Ball made up of mud
Juidshital (Festival)

j) The big feast
Fishing in the pond
Roasting corns

k) The mashed Kabai fish
Earth-warms burrowing the soil
The wood pecker bird

l) The meat of hedgehog
Spines are also used in
Various rituals

18.The Directors

The theory of Economics makes a company survive
And a survival (human) depressed
Relish of the hatred and relishing the hatred
The world of prostitution
Is not limited to the dancers’ house
Has entered into
The politics, the economy and
The tourism industry!
Amrapali drives the vehicles wearing glasses
The character of Mrichchakatik is in the hotel business
The scholar of the new caste system-
Aamrapali became Shakuntala in the new degrading society
Conversation ended, diversity raised
Hence the village-life is the same
Widows, depressed classes, poverty – all the same
The amber and red
Flashing lights at junctions
Rushing towards, cleaning window screens
Selling newspapers and magazines
The depressed class of the new caste system
The queue of children
The destitute eyes
A young beggar holding a baby in her arms
With broken legs
Forwarding with broken legs
But in the junction
The children begging in groups with attitude
Alms for blessing
If money is donated then fine
Maligning otherwise
In the field of other industries too
The black smoke from the coal furnace
Labourers turned to black ghosts
They are also in depressed class
Of the new caste system
The houses of the owners of the cottage industries
As luxurious as the king’s palace
Drunk and insane
But the government is determined
To support the small industries
Supporting the small industries or their directors?
Establish company with the federal loan
Wound up the company
He is the director not the owner
If the company occurs loss
Workers suffer
No harm to the directors
The company dies
The theory of Economics makes a company survive
And a survival (human) depressed
In the market of Delhi and Mumbai
In the fish market and the vegetable market
Cook in the hotel
Caste is ignored in son’s and daughter’s marriages
The widow marriage is acceptable
But when they visit native villages
By whitening the thoughts with blue of conservativeness
The scheduled caste of the new caste system
Resumes the old system of castes
The green grocers become jaybars (lower Brahmins)
And the black figures of industrial area
After applying soaps
Become the bhalmanush (the good Brahmins) of the village
The cooks of the hotels turn into soit (the best Brahmins)
The sardars turn into kayastha
And Paswanji chooses depressed caste
In the journey to return to cities
They will mix the old and the new caste systems
The trains witness the game of the castes
The dark circles of eyes of the victims of the system
The sting of white sari of a young widow
The Amrapali and the characters of Mrichchakatik-
Charudatta and Vasantsena
Relish of the hatred and relishing the hatred
The world of prostitution
Is not limited to the dancers’ house
Has entered into
The politics, the economy and
The tourism industry!

19.The Death Of Own Choice

Oh Bhishma! The story of your hard life is heard while eating Pan and Makhan
But couldn’t understand why you asked for the death of your own choice
The scary stories are limitless, the hunger, and the injustice;
Your soldiers fought between power and money in the boundary of wrestling
The Brahmins were the same, the education system remained unchanged
Then leaving the kingdom to one Yudhishthir
How you bereaved yourself from your life!
We have now five hundred and forty Yudhisthirs
Wearing Khadi and Silk dresses
The problems sustained, the border of wresling redetermined
The citizens choose death for their emotions and desires
All duties are bound to the Yudhisthir of republican system
Now I got you Yudhisthir, you are freed through the death of your choice.

20.From Bed No. 32 Ward No. 29

Hey Dear! What I saw today
In the Safdarjang hospital
Doctors so pride to patients
For their free treatments
Tax is levied on soap and oil
For everyone
For the complaint of dirty washroom
Nurses show prices of Apollo and say
Go to Apollo if
Washrooms are dirty
For taxes question
The Finance Ministry .

21.Delhi is far away

How to go to Delhi
To get admitted in the hospital’s ward
Train is late

I reached Delhi anyhow
But doctor is busy here
Delhi’s government doctors
Told to come today, tomorrow, next day
I am exhausted
Delhi is far away

Era changed, republic born
But train to Delhi is late
And doctors escaped
Delhi is still far away.

22.In the form of Surya Namaskaar

I pray the lord Sun!

The eye will recognise the redness,

Which, is also a colour of the rising and the setting sun

The eclipse is not the devouring by Rahu

The other myth of swallowing by the Hanuman

But for any eclipse Rahu is not important

The moon obscures the light of the sun by intervention

There are scientific reasons for these facts

Says the genius Kuldip

The scientific calculations are present all over

The fool priests made it impurity of time

Mixing Ganges into Godavari, talking about the pilgrims of Prayag

The lucky Kaushalya, got Ram as her son

The part of mantra enchanted after bath

Will it open the way of national integrity and progress

In the spiritual game of priests

The country left behind

At least now open your eyes to look forward

Give me the power! Oh lord of Sun!

I pray the Lord Sun!

Strengthening the back bone

The process of Surya-namaskaar is very effective

The destiny of suryavanis

And what about the Karna’s sacrifice

The society accepted the system of castism

But couldn’t accept the Rahu’s existence

I pray the Lord Sun!

The colours of seven horses depicting the seven colours of a rainbow

The pair of the charioteer Ajatshatru and the Mahashilakantak

The kingdom of Magadh had put good effort

To establish the unity like between Germany and Italy

Two centuries back

They had understood the mystery of seven horses of the sun

Leaving the theme accepting merely the meaning

The Bharatputra did a squalid work

Fill me with vigour

I pray you lord Sun!

I practiced the breathing and suddenly recalled the Kunti

Meeting with Sun was victorious

But the proof shell was taken by Indra

Eklavya was already failed by Dronacharya

Arjuna got victory, diminishing the competing talents by cheating

Are you still ready to endure?

I pray you Lord Sun!

The sun enters ashvin , again a fight awaited

The master Jupiter will bless everyone

Master is still supreme

Emphasising in appending, I am obliged

He will empower me by saving his supremacy

In the name of warmth of his gravity

I pray you the lord Sun!

From whose wholeness the Earth came out

The life line of the Earth

You made fun of the term gravity

Sometimes a tortoise

Else the cobra

And many more

The mystery became harder

The missing of son of Bharat

Keeping him in mind oh spherical body

I pray you the lord Sun!

The sunrays spread

Many mysteries vanished

The fog of darkness are weakened

But what a strange thing is this!

I saw the seven stars at night

Everything is gone in daylight

But not all the stars

The truth starts hiding like a game

Like a base of faith

Your appearance

Oh understated master!

I pray you the lord Sun!

In your shine

The ocean of sky is sunk

The theory of solar energy

Had not given any different hope

In the month of Megha

Your power diminishes

Then what’s the competence of a human

Learned the facts about the Universe

Many celestial bodies are beyond this star

The mightier clusters than the Sun

How can we bare their heat?

I pray you the lord Sun!

I recall my father’s words

Gayatri’s prayer is worthless without praying Savitri

Some combinations are good but

Some are bad on at the same time

After finishing jackfruit one ate betel leaves

The stomach ache made him thinking the reaction

Filled with fast motion

I pray you the lord Sun!

The Earth rotates from west to east

The Sun rotates from east to west

But tell me why north-east in summer

And south north-west in winter

Doesn’t it rotate on its axis?

The solar eclipse mentioned in Jaydrath’s story too

The effect of night in day time was called solar eclipse

The presence of Rahu Ketu was still missing

Repeating push ups again and again

Meditating with closed eyes

Concentrate and say

I pray you the lord Sun!

Understanding the language and analysing its fact

The grammatical confusion and among these

Following the process of Surya Namaskar

Please accept it oh lord Sun!

Oh merciful God destroy my sin

I complete my Surya Namskar

The deceptive concept of the science

In the discipline of yoga

I pray you the lord Sun!

23.Recalling The Flood Of 1987

The Kamala had been crossed by walking
Though the Balan river by boat
But what a disaster was that day
The water overflowing between boundaries
Would submerge all surrounding for sure
Startled with their treacherous characters
Mocking the new theory of Science

How could the nature levee the stream?
It was turned super arduous

Generating fear in heart
Had witnessed in village
Through the groves and orchards
A stream used to flow
Draining water was not knotty

The new scientists closed
All draining streams

The gate to drain the overflow in dam
Was blocked with sand
Used to roam on one foot
Seeking dry narrow paths
Only the paths used to be dry
Now dried out all around

The Silli, Neelgai – all disappeared
The spines of hedgehogs
Not available for rituals
The food kept in Judi Shital
Left lying under the tree,
A week passed
No wild animal came to grab
The ants’ queue was thou’ inevitable

The interesting talks of the engineers
Heard standing on the wall
How could the stream turn so gigantic?
That used to be crossed on feet

The practicability of the new science
Would be so much in vain, I never realised
It was disgraced by the sugarcanes
Standing lonely in the flood
The water became tawny and trees pure green
Downpour over the roofs
Roofs being washed away

Rugged in several places
Water dripping inside
Reservoir of rice and paddy
The flow carried away all

Helicopters dropped chuda and jiggery
Where land was not submerged
Dropping food in flood was a waste
Crowd following helicopters
Old and young with empty stomach

That old man is eating chuda and jiggery
Crying over death of son and daughter in law
Would not fulfil the hunger

Son of a BDO was my friend
Called the government greedy
His father was posted in Shunting
A slyly demotion to Jhanjharpur from Giridih

But their good luck turned the tide
Posting was resettled because of flood

I thought only my fate was bad
Saturn was down and Saraswati was about to beg
Reached village, Pappu Bhai was upset
Planning development, diverting flow, draining

The relief announced by the government
Every now and then
One bag of crop for victims of flood
The block employees stole 15 kilo from each bag
Pappu Bhai, you are a real fool
Why to count teeth of a free bullock?
(Why to mind quality of a free thing)
You didn’t get even that last time

Scene after a week or more

Some went to Mumbai some to Delhi
Women and children were left in village
All took pledge to work
Whether selling vegetables or lifting loads
Mother wishes to have concrete roof
Cottages of hays and tiles after fire
Bakhari was made again when divided

Thank God, in flood, houses disappeared
Now I would make a firm house, oh dear

The concrete houses were filled all over
One could see everywhere, stack of bricks
All old corners were lost
Where we brothers used to play hide and seek

And now see the government’s action
I improved my financial condition in the Mehath only
The government called the village
A role model in the entire block
You say that I earned in Delhi and Mumbai!

Now listen to me
If the government would be changing
Neither Mumbai nor Delhi would exist
The condition of Vijaynagaram
Is well known to the historians

Your good fate lies in making me win always
Putting effort to progress is your work
Just keep problems by me away

Flood came in 1987
Saw the destruction but I say
Just see the conveying people

Lucky to get entertained by you
The fair is not seen anywhere
Hukkaloli is Diwali
The mud of Judisheetal is Holi
Then how can following you be faulty

I am also in Delhi- Mumbai for earning
You are good at least in
Not leaving the village
You entertain, earn and eat
And also visit Delhi and Mumbai.
24.At The Beach Of Mahabalipuram
The scene of beach of an endless sea
At Mahabalipuram, heart filled with ecstasy

The Sun-temple with the chariot of the Pandavas
I saw the isle of the sky
When salty water went into mouth
It took me by surprise, I floated
I bumped into the wall of waves
All of my body thrilled

Had heard and known about the sea
I respired forgetting my heart and body
The foreigners disclosed the truth
The Mani guide told me that mystery
That was given by the Pallav Vansh
Indian forgot that history

I recalled the temple of Ankorvaat
No sooner the king died, people forgot

Swati (stars) diminished
When links of history is broken
The temples under the Caspian Sea
Were built by the Indian merchants

Now I am in such condition
Where boring pump is gift from the Americans

Leave it, why are you lost in there like insane
The loving wife laughed again and again.

25.Fearful Souvenir

In the noise of busy city life and society

Many memories are lost

And with that, came the fear


Obeying the civilisation

Lack of time or an excuse of being busy

Fear of past or surrendering in front of problems

And keeping away

From the memories and fear

Away from the socialization

Centred to family

But again, I got time after an era

Grown up now, not a child anymore

Again held the pen made up of stick

To write something

But the ink pot is dried out of ink

Era passed memories lost

Left alone

As giant as a comet

Web of incidents

Breath was tightened

Woke up quickly

I laughed

Hadn’t fallen with imbalance

As per my dream

I am grown up now

There was no control in dreams in childhood

I was falling and rising

Was getting up

Wet with sweats


Couldn’t find the end of the frightening memories

The noisy Universe

Tied with gravity


The sun situated at billions of miles away

And many stars beyond the sun

Who is the all-in-all of these?

And if there is some creator

Then who has created that creator

Oh! Couldn’t find the origin?

I have decided that

I wouldn’t think more

By studying Philosophy

Broke the pen and inkpot

Who is this comet?

Rotating in a circular perimeter

Is he a cursed demon or a holy saint?

Seeking solution of problems

But problem lies in itself

Who has created whom?

And where is the end of that chain

Who is whose master?

And who is supreme of all masters

And who is the master of that supreme

I found control over the dream but lost the power of words

I have to find the solution

Lost in dreams again

I won’t fall this time; I have to find the end

My self-confidence

Is weakened

In front of such confusing queries

Some fear or some unwanted harm

Raises my heart beats supposedly

Or it is revival of my childishness

Does the mystery of life and rebirth lie in existence of a soul

Or a long process of development

And science had

Created the universe

The concept of poison and flower nectar

The taste of bitterness, dryness, alkaline, acidic, sour or sweet

The voice rising in a lonely forest

Shadaj, Rishabh, Gandhar, Madhyam, Pancham, Dhaiwat, Nishad !

Atri, Angira and Marichi started steps to discover

With Pulrhitu, Pulastya and Vashishtha

To find the ashtasiddhi(the divine 8 accomplishments) of anmik

The expansion of the Glorious Dignity was desired to be known

Eshitva or Vashitva

The eight divine accomplishments of the Saptarshi (seven stars)

Eshitva or Vashitva
The eight divine accomplishments of the Saptarshi (seven stars)
Finding nine celestial treasures
Lotus, Kuber’s White Lotus, Conch, a sea monster (Kamdev, God of love)
Tortoise, Mukund (Vishnu), Jasmine, Blue Sapphire, A large number of one million;
Basis of dashavataar (ten incarnations of the Lord Vishnu)
The Matsyavataar (incarnation in fish) saved the Vedas of Saptarshi
And the family of Manu
The tortoise form of Lord Vishnu saved the mountain of Mandaar
And Vasuki’s body churned the sea to get nectar of immortality
The boar incarnation brought the earth
Out of the tough four loops of Ambunidhi
After killing Hiranyaksh
The God Narsinha saved Prahlaad
By killing Hiranyakashyap
Vaman killed the Baali
By covering the Earth in two steps
And the Demon king in the third
Parashuraam, Ram and Krishna
Had slain the demons
And Buddha changed that concept

What was surprising if His statue,
Was dropped down by the children of Devadatta
Alas! Nobody can save Bamyan
Neither Kalki nor Maitreyi
Come soon riding the White Sea
To bring revolution
In fourteen Bhuvans and thirteen Worlds
Within the noises of this world
The childhood is frightened

But now the science interrupted in mind
This is the theory of aging
Dashavataar is the actual
New theory of development
Fish, Tortoise then Boar
Then Narsimh then Vaman
Interrelated development of human face
That was being searched

Giving the name of Dashavataar
Was that Bharat, who had stopped the way of scientific concepts?
The link was broken in finding Kalki (the tenth incarnation)
Oh ! Had Maitreyi come to disclose that link?

It seems I found the edge of the loop
I was unnecessarily scared to get sixteen remedies
Ved, Puran, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Economics,
Those knowledge of Leelavati- Bhamati by Aryabhatt
Characteristics of Political Sceince, Mathematics, Physics
The lesson of action
Was blown away by the superstitions

Where Philosophy has become unanswered
And Science has given some solutions
Then I will hold the end of this, dear master!
That vanished puzzles
Not far away
The circumference is of course small
I will increase its circumference
The contractor of the Philosophy will again change
The Philosophy into the Religion and
The Religion into the definitions of different heavens and hells
The Physics and Astronomy have made Astrology
The Science is turned into superstitions
When answers will be manipulated
Then let the question be unanswered

Everyone has forwarded but Bharat-Tanay is behind
Also in Lilawati as well as in Bhanumati
How will he find the difference of caste system
The essay of Vyaasji in admiration of Eklavya
But none had perpetuated the work

The gap of millennium created casteism
Science and Art
Hunger and food
All have turned racist, how will they be free

I recalled the differentiated rows in the feast
The repeated offerings of Khaja-Laddu in the first row
But was served once in the second row
Stopping the way of Bhagirathi of Art and Science
Getting obstacle of Rahu

I recall the funeral of my Father
The day long victimization by the Kantaha Brahmin
And the exhausting Gadur Puran in the evening

The changes in celestial positions
And the darkness of the eclipse
Have become unholy to get money
The defence lesson of Ramayana
When had it taught the lesson of violent spirituality

The lessons of Vyaas, Karna, Eklavya, Krishna
About social equality
Are still alive
Not yet vanished
The liberal thoughts from before two millenniums
Why had they dried up
As deficient as the flow of Saraswati

No sooner when the Goddess of Knowledge had left
She dried up without water without intellect
Will she come back, in disguise,
To our country of Bharat?

Will this awful discussion ever end?
Or, leaving the lesson of Eklavya, Karna, Krishna,
We will start learning ekka-dukka-panja-chhakka
Same as Yudhisthir and Shakuni
Shakuni will change kachcha baarah to pakka baarah
And will win with pau-baarah

How can fate be directed by
The three dices and four coloured pawns
The four nests of dice-board  and twenty four positions in each nest
Will it destruct the Indian homes?

If I had met Yudhisthir, I would be telling him
You should have played the game of dice of four players
Where rules are easier

You complicated the entertaining game of two
You hadn’t played the game rather
You had played with the country and the women
That is why this complaint
You had committed the crime bigger than Shakuni had

He, whose name is Laalchadi
Is the Satghariya
Tee Tee
I used to play during Mango season
I also played dices with my wife
After Dwiragman till Bharfori
Oh Yudhisthirs of descendants of Bharat
Don’t play this game day-night
And teach every one this
Complementing the music
Notes removing the fearful souvenir
Give me the boon of good thoughts
So that I can sing the prayers

The Kali depicts dark
This is not the full truth
The voice of yours is white
That will be the new change

Eliminating the cloud, fear has gone
The sky thundered to raise
The fire
Keeping deep in the heart
Brain stopped, ash is poured
Chank trumpet announces braveness
Remover of fear
With the stick of dreams of memories
I will break
I will churn the world
With my mighty hands, at the gate
The taste of feast of two rows in the village

I will release wisdom and prudence
I will break the discrimination of two rows
Or I will run away to the city
Village will remain village
Or will be sunk in the Bhagirathi
One who will stop the flow of storm like Bhagirathi
Will be sunk and will sink the village of discriminated two rows
Because of own misdeeds

The pleasant grounds of forests
The smiling jungles
The perplexed flower surrounded by spines
Philosophy is engaged in finding Brahmins

Scattered earth
The Ganges- narrowed and exhausted
Not flawless
The delicate facts about Science and Maths
Were misfortune of Tapini

The city of Buddha will be established
The God, the heaven – all a matter of humour
The people of village
Peerless views
New songs
In the village

One who has given me exile in the village
Because of his own thoughts
I will give him breathes
In return

For sake of own views
Who played the games in two millenniums
His village is like a forest
Buddha’s place, which was made a spine
Will be adorned with flowers

In the game of two,
For the views,
I will throw extra dices
In the four eras of the dice-board of the millennium

I will discover even those which are unknown
But what is known
Let me justify those first

God’s existence without any limits or bonds
Then at what basis did he make the houses
And if he didn’t have right to choose the basis
Then, what rules did he make for the universe
Does this mean that with the end of the sun, the moon and the stars
That creator will also die according to the rule

And if this is also not true
Then what reason did the God have
For creating this universe
The self created universe
The God of the universe
And mind of the Master of that God
What thoughts are going on in that mind?
The universe filled with sapphires and lotuses,
And in the middle of this
Our sun is a simple star
We are living creatures of merely a small planet
In its dynasty
I am thinking to destroy this creation with a weapon.
26.The Cow
Never delayed in beating you with stick
Neither unhappy when female calf is born
But you are adorable
Writing essay on you
Forgive me.

27.Shraaddh (Hindu Funeral Rites) Shouldn’t Be Skipped
The second death followed by one
His father’s and his uncle’s
People of uncle were dominating
The younger brother was worried
In the second death during the shraaddh
One shraaddh becomes adequate for both
Another Shraaddh would be skipped
Both brothers were worried
The priest too wouldn’t favour the weak
Whatever the Shastras (religious rules) say
Just inform the maternal uncle’s family
Father’s funeral shouldn’t be omitted.



Work was pending in the office
One person was angry at the clerk
“What is your caste? No patience is left now
You have been confusing tens of peoples.”

He had told the name by patting his chest
He stared at the tens of people with confidence
One people of same caste among the crowd said
With the courage, “Don’t say that;
Don’t call by the name of caste, remember that,

My works are also pending but when caste is concerned
I belong to the caste having guts, let the work be delayed.”

29.Having Son

I live in the temple of Ludhiyana
I worship and help people worshipping
You blame me to eat by deceiving people
We live hungry one time in the day in the village
I have blessed ten people to have sons
Five among them were proved
People having daughters forgot me
But those who had sons advertised my name
You blame Mithila Baba to be fraud
Oh you jealous relatives in village!

30.Good Very Good

The Indian philosophy
Is described in such a way
If something happened well then it’s good
And if something went wrong then also it’s good
Fate in meeting
And for getting by luck
If one gets good then good
And very good if gets bad.

31.Furrow And Bullock

Mind was lost
I thought employing bulls
About things here and there
I ploughed field with furrow till evening
The bullock was lost, I was seeking all over
Whom can I tell this to
People will laugh at me today
My mind is lost
I swear dear brother

 32.The Ganges Bridge

The death of all workers is recalled
Dropping down into the water
Only ten were reported out of fifty deaths
The compensation of the forty missing
Was galloped by the leaders, the contractors and the officers

I am engineer of that bloody bridge
You call me honest
How can I accept the bribe
After seeing all that, oh sir !

33.Face Is Skinny And Name Is Hansmukh Bhai (Happy Man)

Face Is Skinny And Name Is Hansmukh Bhai (Happy Man)
Face is skinny and name is Hansmukh Bhai (Happy Man)
I had been here for a long time, find some remedy
He had shown me many types of documents
The work would be done till next morning, explained to me again
He smiled while showing me the shortcut way
Face is skinny and name- Hansmukh Bhai (Happy Man)

34.The Dream

Beautiful, beautiful dreams!

No, this was not beautiful earlier
It had scared me a lot in my childhood
Detracting desire to sleep from my eyes
When my mind was awakened with bewilderment

Determining the boundaries of the country and the time
Bearing the misconceptions of ancestors
But the imitation of busy man
The confusion of mind was not going away

The beating of childish heart
Was intended to discover the origin of the world
Not getting any answer
Leaving its eternity to the God

But the will of the God and the form of eternity
The tie was not loosen rather tied hard
The heart beats faster
The dream also doesn’t appear if I sleep too much

This is also a puzzle to bear the world
Finding remedy without a problem
Making the luck all in all easily
We do all deeds ourselves
But we say that we are puppets driven by the destiny
The deeds of the Gods ?
Increasing the heartbeat of  mind along with the physical body
The dreams either good or dreadful
Don’t come now.
35.The Colourful KiteThese flying kites

Like my ambitions

Like the books and pens of the competitors

Scattered into smithereens

The severed kites falling down

Shows the ground of reality

Ends up there, from where, it has started

But the experience of flying

Feeling the heaven when rising

And while falling......................
36.I Forgot Again A Short Story Of Karna’s Death

Very carefully I kept in mind while going

So that I won’t forget it today

But again conversation started

My artificiality started failing

When it was needed

I missed to recall as usual

The short story of Karna’s death

And after that, being disheartened,

I remain silent.

37.The Village Of Shalatur
Taxshila is in Pakistaan
Revising the pages of history
Tide turned and my country was parted
The tension raised by the brothers

Description by Yuan Chwang
All scholars of grammar were in Shalatur Village
Situated on the meeting of Kabul and Sindhu rivers
Today’s Lahur village was Panini’s maternal uncles’ village and own village
Now breaking the statues of Buddha in Bamiyan
Yusufjai Pathan was the descendent of Panini
An end of the history and the country of Daksh

This thought came while revising the history
But I think
The tide of the history turned and my country was parted
The tension raised by the brothers
This is good to have brothers near
And are creating quarrels
Because of this we are careful
We keep on preparing

The Himalayas was insurmountable till 1962
Just like the oceans used to be till 1498
The paths were open through rifts only

The neighbour were attached
The tyrannical troops were coming from the farthest

The tide had turned and my country was parted
The tension raised by the brothers
This is good that brothers are creating quarrels
So that we keep on preparing

Going to office after getting up in the morning
Going to bed after returning and eating
So many works remain pending
Ignoring, being lazy, and killing the wish

When I go to the village
I get time a halt for self analysis
I receive lots of complaints
Then I make a program

A new tone on the piece of paper
Mind’s battle after being late
Was moving without co-ordination
A leader without any aim
Thought about
Going to village

No way for delaying
Turning to be quick and aspiring today
Doing what thinking
Finally got the way of life now.

39. Recalling
Unable to remember
Trying to recall

Practicing handwriting with the pen made up of bamboo stick
Writing by tying thread to the nib of the fountain pain
To make the handwriting thicker thereafter
Master Sahib used to be confused

I had harmed myself easily
My handwriting is not yet beautiful

I also remember
I used to wander during midday
In the mango orchards to search banjhi sticks
I was named as fool
When I had broken another stem/branch
I couldn’t even understand
If flower-panicles were grown
Then I would be eating mangoes next year
Banjhi sticks hadn’t have hope
They were only useful in heating

I also remember
Picking the castor oil seeds
Getting oil by extracting in mill
The taste of tilkoda fried in that oil !
Knocking the chef of Raajdhani down

The taste of the stinky Kabai fish
The false praise by saying, “What a taste!”
The usage of half kilo of oil in a month
Was giving sorrow of one kilo
No misery.....

I also recall the rice paddy farms
Jhilli and kachori (name of snacks)
Picking the leftover rice paddy stems after harvest
Buying laalchadi in exchange of that picked rice-paddies
Playing ‘He whose name is Laalchhadi’ and Satgarhiya

The Mango jabi
Fishing with tackles
Peeling raw mangoes with shells
The sweet taste of raw mangoes after mixing with edible lime
The big dalaan (passageway, open living hall)
The Daaun (process of separating rice paddy from the paddy plant with bullocks trampling on them)
The submerged crops in flood
Being destroyed
The kujarnai (women labour) catching while mixing bad crops with the good paddies

The taste of unripe plums from the ‘Bhairav Sthan’ (worshipping place)
Do you know the story of Bidesar on Sundays?
The Bidesar was worshipped with flower and water pot
Chuda  (processed rice flakes) were taken along from the home
 Returning home after eating after buying curd and jalebi there

The old tree of Indian gooseberries
In the groove of Indian black berries and betel nuts
He was clever
Who could bring the straight sticks
Of Sahar tree for brushing teeth

Kids playing the game of titti
And the game of gulli-danda and kancha
Used to be a long-lasting activity
The bamboo made kansupati of hukka-loli
Dipping fabric in the kerosin oil thereafter
We use to set fire on that

Displaying fire-works in the morning of Chhath
Playing a lot in the Judishital

Flood and famine had attacked
I left the village, oh dear friend!

Unable to remember
Trying to recall
By sitting, sitting and sitting.

40.The various paths

Tied with the memories

From behind the stars

In front of a dark whole

The path is expected to be estranged

I will look forward at the various paths

It had been a long journey now

If I could solve the

Mystery of the world

I would find the false words

To define the making of a history

I will look forward at the various paths

It had been a long journey now

Something may come out of

Churning the milk of this world

In the churning of the milk of the sea

Many things had come out

I will look forward at the various paths

It had been a long journey now

41.The Salute Song Of Mithila

The flag of Mithila will be hosted in the world
I had seen the mother upset, discontent and criticised
I am desperate, my heart is falling
Being belonging to the land of Vidya
Your grace will be regained again
Having hands of cleverness of intellect and fame
Don’t doubt the victory at all
If Maithili has a short life
Adding the letters I will put my effort on
The letters will be explosive with touch of mine
The flag will not come down, oh mother Mithila!

42. The Highway Having Six Lanes
Oh mother, near the rice farms
A highway is made
Of six lane
First three to go and other three to return

There only
What a nice red coloured car
Whose glasses were not open
Were closed
I saw that today
When I was selling birds

One child became stub-born
Made the glasses opened and
Had bought all my birds
There was water on child’s face
No sooner the window was opened
The cold air came out
From the AC car
The car which was red

Oh mother, near the rice farms
A highway is made
Of six lane
First three to go and other three to return

These are roads of our village, aren’t they?
But all people of our village went out
To Delhi and Panjab for earning

The soil made houses in the village
Having roof of straws and tiles
But near the rice farms
The wide roads which is made
The roads, smooth and even better than the houses
I saw that there only

I have heard that this is made
So solid and sleek
By the fund of The World Bank
Having six lanes
As shiny as glass !

The concrete house of uncle
Which was made in the last year
With the different clay
And had fallen off within a few days
Was also made by the government’s fund!

That was not as shiny as glass, was that?
People was also living there with fear
That was better collapsing down

But that must also be made up of fraudulent fund
I saw the luxury of that car
Made with the fund of the World Bank
I saw that on the six lane highway of our village.

This World Bank Fund seems to be a good fund!
Aren’t houses made with this fund?
If this good fund would avail food and employment
Then why people would go to Delhi and Punjab

Why would they tolerate abuse by Raj Thakre
Why would they go to be killed in Assam
I have heard that people abuse Biharis

With this good fund of the World Bank
If our homes were made
Those would not be like the houses made up of clay
Those would be glassy smooth and solid
Like the six lane highway by the rice fields

And if employment were provided by that fund
Then people would stay at home
The houses in village would not be deserted like this is now
Life would be sparkling in our village too.

And then our village would have the status worth seeing
And the six lane roads would also have the status worth seeing
If our bodies were also carrying the dresses
Like that dress
Which was worn by the child sitting in that red car!

I have the feeling
The road of our village
Is closer to us than the red imported car of the red foreigner is
Both appear foreigners

It was felt today
That the air of that car was also not own
It was felt that the car and the air coming from the car
Both were contaminated by my touch

Our village is like a peacock
The six lane road is its feathers
And we are feet of that peacock
Even if the road is in our village, seems foreigner

While taking goats for grazing everyday
I stay on watching the splendour of the road of our village
Which is having six lanes !

43.I Don’t Know Whether I Will Return Or......
I don’t know whether I will return
Or I will die here
Being vanished

Sweeping the house and courtyard
In the village
I used to come home
After giving grasses to the cow
And arranging fire to warm the cattle’s house

In Punjab afterwards
How good the taste of the tea was!
I was not fagging
After working whole day though
Now I hear that drugs were added in that tea

And then, when the nest of Emmet fell off
In front of the child
The village is recalled

Let’s return, our village is calling us
The smell of soil of Mithila
The month of mangoes has come

The leaves of the trees must be falling off
The lazbizzi must have spread
Around the base of the tree

I have neither made the root of the tree
Not have I made the pier of the pond
The grasses and spines must have grown
On the foot path of the village

The stars are not seen
The pollution is so high here
That has abandoned the moon
From being reflected even in the plate

People call me here something with Bihari
Someone take me to the village
My heart don’t feel happy here

When the tin utensils of mother were bought
How much we brothers were happy then
We were eating in that plate by rotating turns

In this city of Delhi
The plate is made up of steel
But taste of that food in tin plate
What I had eaten by enjoying taste
I don’t know whether I will return
Or I will die here
Being vanished
The living place of the goat
Raking the dry leaves
Spines of acacia
White and poisonous

But not more poisonous than
The white people of Delhi
Such a venomous tongue.
And the hatred eyes are even worse
Among the sounds of Bihari! Bihari!
I sell comb, papad and messager

The nigh of winter
Trembling tree
The wind is also equally cruel
The tree in front is hewed
The blood is flowing from it
Reddish white
But turned into marshy solid gum later on

Dried in winter
Burnt in summer
These trees
Teach us living alone and at one place
Without being bored
Year after year

The grandmother, who used to give offering of water to  the Sun God
She was dropping water on the backyard
The child i.e. me
I used to jump on the water

I don’t know whether I will return
Or I will die here
Being vanished

Gajendra Thakur (b. 1971) is the editor of Maithili ejournal “Videha” that can be viewed at http://www.videha.co.in/ . His poem, story, novel, research articles, epic – all in Maithili language are lying scattered and is in print in single volume by the title “KurukShetram Antarmanak.” He can be reached at his email: ggajendra@videha.com

Translator: Jyoti Jha Chaudhary, Date of Birth: December 30 1978,Place of Birth- Belhvar (Madhubani District), Education: Swami Vivekananda Middle School, Tisco Sakchi Girls High School, Mrs KMPM Inter College, IGNOU, ICWAI (COST ACCOUNTANCY); Residence- LONDON, UK; Father- Sh. Shubhankar Jha, Jamshedpur; Mother- Smt. Sudha Jha- Shivipatti. Jyoti received editor's choice award from www.poetry.com and her poems were featured in front page of www.poetrysoup.com for some period.She learnt Mithila Painting under Ms. Shveta Jha, Basera Institute, Jamshedpur and Fine Arts from Toolika, Sakchi, Jamshedpur (India). Her Mithila Paintings have been displayed by Ealing Art Group at Ealing Broadway, London."Archis" anthology of Maithili poems published.
(c)2004-17.सर्वाधिकार लेखकाधीन आ जतए लेखकक नाम नहि अछि ततए संपादकाधीन। विदेह- प्रथम मैथिली पाक्षिक ई-पत्रिका ISSN 2229-547X VIDEHA सम्पादक: गजेन्द्र ठाकुर। सह-सम्पादक: उमेश मंडल। सहायक सम्पादक: राम वि‍लास साहु, नन्द विलास राय, सन्दीप कुमार साफी आ मुन्नाजी (मनोज कुमार कर्ण)। सम्पादक- नाटक-रंगमंच-चलचित्र- बेचन ठाकुर। सम्पादक- सूचना-सम्पर्क-समाद- पूनम मंडल। सम्पादक- अनुवाद विभाग- विनीत उत्पल।
रचनाकार अपन मौलिक आ अप्रकाशित रचना (जकर मौलिकताक संपूर्ण उत्तरदायित्व लेखक गणक मध्य छन्हि) ggajendra@videha.com केँ मेल अटैचमेण्टक रूपमेँ .doc, .docx, .rtf वा .txt फॉर्मेटमे पठा सकैत छथि। रचनाक संग रचनाकार अपन संक्षिप्त परिचय आ अपन स्कैन कएल गेल फोटो पठेताह, से आशा करैत छी। एतऽ प्रकाशित रचना सभक कॉपीराइट लेखक/संग्रहकर्त्ता लोकनिक लगमे रहतन्हि, मात्र एकर प्रथम प्रकाशनक/ प्रिंट-वेब आर्काइवक/ आर्काइवक अनुवादक आ आर्काइवक ई-प्रकाशन/ प्रिंट-प्रकाशनक अधिकार ऐ ई-पत्रिकाकेँ छैै, आ से हानि-लाभ रहित आधारपर छै आ तैँ ऐ लेल कोनो रॊयल्टीक/ पारिश्रमिकक प्रावधान नै छै। तेँ रॉयल्टीक/ पारिश्रमिकक इच्छुक विदेहसँ नै जुड़थि, से आग्रह।। रचनाक अंतमे टाइप रहय, जे ई रचना मौलिक अछि, आ पहिल प्रकाशनक हेतु विदेह (पाक्षिक) ई पत्रिकाकेँ देल जा रहल अछि। मेल प्राप्त होयबाक बाद यथासंभव शीघ्र ( सात दिनक भीतर) एकर प्रकाशनक अंकक सूचना देल जायत। एहि ई पत्रिकाकेँ श्रीमति लक्ष्मी ठाकुर द्वारा मासक ०१ आ १५ तिथिकेँ ई प्रकाशित कएल जाइत अछि। वि दे ह विदेह Videha বিদেহhttp://www.videha.co.in/ विदेह प्रथम मैथिली पाक्षिक ई पत्रिका Videha Ist Maithili Fortnightly e Magazine विदेह प्रथम मैथिली पाक्षिक ई पत्रिका नव अंक देखबाक लेल पृष्ठ सभकेँ रिफ्रेश कए देखू। Always refresh the pages for viewing new issue of VIDEHA.


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