Looking into the mirror of time


Looking into the mirror of time
Gopalji Jha ‘Gopesh’
Late Gopalji Jha ‘Gopesh’ (1931-2008) is a Maithili poet of eminence. His published works include “Album,” “Gumm Bhel Tharh Chhi,” “Son Daik Chitthi,” and “Aab Kahu man Kehan Lagaiye.”

Original Maithili : Gopalji Jha Gopesh
Translation : Gajendra Thakur

Looking into the mirror of time
I see my face
And feel
That nothing new happens
Takes birth
Daily in the early morning
Some desire of this kind
Within the mind upward goes emotion’s wave
That something new will happen today
But Sun-God impresses
On the head of day some news of this kind
In which I to myself
Am not able to adjust
flying distances with dusty wings
fat becomes the pet pigeon likewise
my waves of emotions
become thick, find support from my experiences
prove that
nothing new happens
whatever come in front of us
that happens to be on the stone-piece of time
the same worn-out old thing old ideology
that boasts of being new
and squeezes the pain out of tired, inert mind


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