Estranged Sleep

Original Poem in Maithili by Gajendra Thakur Translated into English by Lucy Gracy of New York.

Sweating in the melting day of summer
Dreaming comet appearing like a demon
Rushing to beloved crushing her neck
Lover holds the locks of the comet
Dropping into the pond
Binding the feet with locks
A hairy submarine of the pond in the hot summer day
The saint of comet came out
Taking stake of own life for sake of his beloved
The lover awakes being melted by sun, wet with sweats
The desire of deep sleep is lost
Ignoring the watching countrymen
Awake in the noon of mantras and tantras
Very uncertain dream
Becomes the fastest runner
The most active wrestler of the group
The voice of scolding master awakes him from solitude
Black painted night’s sleep
Combination of sleep and dream
Solving nation’s problem becoming a leader
Receives many clapping, leadership is appreciated
Solving the problems of religion-caste-militants
Facing the fatal attacks and winning
Awakens from sleeps but sleeps lack
Loosing the satisfaction of deep sleep
My friends poisoned my sleep gradually
And I got estranged sleep.


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