From Bed No. 32 Ward No. 29

Original Poem in Maithili by Gajendra Thakur Translated into English by Jyoti Jha Chaudhary

Gajendra Thakur (b. 1971) is the editor of Maithili ejournal “Videha” that can be viewed at . His poem, story, novel, research articles, epic – all in Maithili language are lying scattered and is in print in single volume by the title “KurukShetram.” He can be reached at his email:

Hey Dear! What I saw today
In the Safdarjang hospital
Doctors so pride to patients
For their free treatments
Tax is levied on soap and oil
For everyone
For the complaint of dirty washroom
Nurses show prices of Apollo and say
Go to Apollo if
Washrooms are dirty
For taxes question
The Finance Ministry .


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