In the form of Surya Namaskaar

Original Poem in Maithili by Gajendra Thakur Translated into English by Jyoti Jha Chaudhary

Jyoti Jha Chaudhary, Date of Birth: December 30 1978,Place of Birth- Belhvar (Madhubani District), Education: Swami Vivekananda Middle School, Tisco Sakchi Girls High School, Mrs KMPM Inter College, IGNOU, ICWAI (COST ACCOUNTANCY); Residence- LONDON, UK; Father- Sh. Shubhankar Jha, Jamshedpur; Mother- Smt. Sudha Jha- Shivipatti. Jyoti received editor's choice award from www.poetry.comand her poems were featured in front page of for some period.She learnt Mithila Painting under Ms. Shveta Jha, Basera Institute, Jamshedpur and Fine Arts from Toolika, Sakchi, Jamshedpur (India). Her Mithila Paintings have been displayed by Ealing Art Group at Ealing Broadway, London.

Gajendra Thakur (b. 1971) is the editor of Maithili ejournal “Videha” that can be viewed at . His poem, story, novel, research articles, epic – all in Maithili language are lying scattered and is in print in single volume by the title “KurukShetram.” He can be reached at his email:

I pray the lord Sun!

The eye will recognise the redness,

Which, is also a colour of the rising and the setting sun

The eclipse is not the devouring by Rahu

The other myth of swallowing by the Hanuman

But for any eclipse Rahu is not important

The moon obscures the light of the sun by intervention

There are scientific reasons for these facts

Says the genius Kuldip

The scientific calculations are present all over

The fool priests made it impurity of time

Mixing Ganges into Godavari, talking about the pilgrims of Prayag

The lucky Kaushalya, got Ram as her son

The part of mantra enchanted after bath

Will it open the way of national integrity and progress

In the spiritual game of priests

The country left behind

At least now open your eyes to look forward

Give me the power! Oh lord of Sun!

I pray the Lord Sun!

Strengthening the back bone

The process of Surya-namaskaar is very effective

The destiny of suryavanis

And what about the Karna’s sacrifice

The society accepted the system of castism

But couldn’t accept the Rahu’s existence

I pray the Lord Sun!

The colours of seven horses depicting the seven colours of a rainbow

The pair of the charioteer Ajatshatru and the Mahashilakantak

The kingdom of Magadh had put good effort

To establish the unity like between Germany and Italy

Two centuries back

They had understood the mystery of seven horses of the sun

Leaving the theme accepting merely the meaning

The Bharatputra did a squalid work

Fill me with vigour

I pray you lord Sun!

I practiced the breathing and suddenly recalled the Kunti

Meeting with Sun was victorious

But the proof shell was taken by Indra

Eklavya was already failed by Dronacharya

Arjuna got victory, diminishing the competing talents by cheating

Are you still ready to endure?

I pray you Lord Sun!

The sun enters ashvin , again a fight awaited

The master Jupiter will bless everyone

Master is still supreme

Emphasising in appending, I am obliged

He will empower me by saving his supremacy

In the name of warmth of his gravity

I pray you the lord Sun!

From whose wholeness the Earth came out

The life line of the Earth

You made fun of the term gravity

Sometimes a tortoise

Else the cobra

And many more

The mystery became harder

The missing of son of Bharat

Keeping him in mind oh spherical body

I pray you the lord Sun!

The sunrays spread

Many mysteries vanished

The fog of darkness are weakened

But what a strange thing is this!

I saw the seven stars at night

Everything is gone in daylight

But not all the stars

The truth starts hiding like a game

Like a base of faith

Your appearance

Oh understated master!

I pray you the lord Sun!

In your shine

The ocean of sky is sunk

The theory of solar energy

Had not given any different hope

In the month of Megha

Your power diminishes

Then what’s the competence of a human

Learned the facts about the Universe

Many celestial bodies are beyond this star

The mightier clusters than the Sun

How can we bare their heat?

I pray you the lord Sun!

I recall my father’s words

Gayatri’s prayer is worthless without praying Savitri

Some combinations are good but

Some are bad on at the same time

After finishing jackfruit one ate betel leaves

The stomach ache made him thinking the reaction

Filled with fast motion

I pray you the lord Sun!

The Earth rotates from west to east

The Sun rotates from east to west

But tell me why north-east in summer

And south north-west in winter

Doesn’t it rotate on its axis?

The solar eclipse mentioned in Jaydrath’s story too

The effect of night in day time was called solar eclipse

The presence of Rahu Ketu was still missing

Repeating push ups again and again

Meditating with closed eyes

Concentrate and say

I pray you the lord Sun!

Understanding the language and analysing its fact

The grammatical confusion and among these

Following the process of Surya Namaskar

Please accept it oh lord Sun!

Oh merciful God destroy my sin

I complete my Surya Namskar

The deceptive concept of the science

In the discipline of yoga

I pray you the lord Sun!


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