Shelter In The Rainy Days

Original Poem in Maithili by Gajendra Thakur Translated into English by Jyoti Jha Chaudhary

Gajendra Thakur (b. 1971) is the editor of Maithili ejournal “Videha” that can be viewed at . His poem, story, novel, research articles, epic – all in Maithili language are lying scattered and is in print in single volume by the title “KurukShetram.” He can be reached at his email:

Janak, Yagyavalkya, Vidath, Mathav

Malla, Jagatprakash-Jagatjyotir,

Mangan Khabas, Ramrang, Yatri, Harimohan,

Sundar Jha, picture of Shastriji in jail

Having tied his feet with chain

Seerdhwaj, Vedvati, Maithili, Maitreyi

Jaymangala, Asur, Alauli, Keechak, Varijan,
Benu, All of Naulagarh

And Garhs of Balirajpur

The shelter of Buddha and Mahavir in rainydays

The field of artistry of farmers

Mongooses, hedgehogs, and Nilgais (antelopes)

Used to roam in this land

All bewitched to be vanished

The land provided livelihood for thousands of years

Now turned to a land of evacuation

What prompted people in the last fifty years

That was not known in past thousands of years

The Bhatkhande says about Raagtarangini of Lochan

Bhatkhande is mentioned in Ramrang

How can the logics of Gangesh Vachaspati

Became illogical

Sacrifice of master’s lesson by Yagyavalka

The reform of Shukla Yajurveda

But caste influenced knowledge later on

Expected exoneration from the history

Then why is it delayed

Creation of a new history .


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