Fearful Souvenir - Gajendra Thakur

Original Poem in Maithili by Gajendra Thakur Translated into English by Jyoti Jha Chaudhary

Jyoti Jha Chaudhary, Date of Birth: December 30 1978,Place of Birth- Belhvar (Madhubani District), Education: Swami Vivekananda Middle School, Tisco Sakchi Girls High School, Mrs KMPM Inter College, IGNOU, ICWAI (COST ACCOUNTANCY); Residence- LONDON, UK; Father- Sh. Shubhankar Jha, Jamshedpur; Mother- Smt. Sudha Jha- Shivipatti. Jyoti received editor's choice award from www.poetry.comand her poems were featured in front page of www.poetrysoup.com for some period.She learnt Mithila Painting under Ms. Shveta Jha, Basera Institute, Jamshedpur and Fine Arts from Toolika, Sakchi, Jamshedpur (India). Her Mithila Paintings have been displayed by Ealing Art Group at Ealing Broadway, London.

Gajendra Thakur (b. 1971) is the editor of Maithili ejournal “Videha” that can be viewed at http://www.videha.co.in/ . His poem, story, novel, research articles, epic – all in Maithili language are lying scattered and is in print in single volume by the title “KurukShetram.” He can be reached at his email: ggajendra@airtelmail.in

Fearful Souvenir

In the noise of busy city life and society

Many memories are lost

And with that, came the fear


Obeying the civilisation

Lack of time or an excuse of being busy

Fear of past or surrendering in front of problems

And keeping away

From the memories and fear

Away from the socialization

Centred to family

But again, I got time after an era

Grown up now, not a child anymore

Again held the pen made up of stick

To write something

But the ink pot is dried out of ink

Era passed memories lost

Left alone

As giant as a comet

Web of incidents

Breath was tightened

Woke up quickly

I laughed

Hadn’t fallen with imbalance

As per my dream

I am grown up now

There was no control in dreams in childhood

I was falling and rising

Was getting up

Wet with sweats


Couldn’t find the end of the frightening memories

The noisy Universe

Tied with gravity


The sun situated at billions of miles away

And many stars beyond the sun

Who is the all-in-all of these?

And if there is some creator

Then who has created that creator

Oh! Couldn’t find the origin?

I have decided that

I wouldn’t think more

By studying Philosophy

Broke the pen and inkpot

Who is this comet?

Rotating in a circular perimeter

Is he a cursed demon or a holy saint?

Seeking solution of problems

But problem lies in itself

Who has created whom?

And where is the end of that chain

Who is whose master?

And who is supreme of all masters

And who is the master of that supreme

I found control over the dream but lost the power of words

I have to find the solution

Lost in dreams again

I won’t fall this time; I have to find the end

My self-confidence

Is weakened

In front of such confusing queries

Some fear or some unwanted harm

Raises my heart beats supposedly

Or it is revival of my childishness

Does the mystery of life and rebirth lie in existence of a soul

Or a long process of development

And science had

Created the universe

The concept of poison and flower nectar

The taste of bitterness, dryness, alkaline, acidic, sour or sweet

The voice rising in a lonely forest

Shadaj, Rishabh, Gandhar, Madhyam, Pancham, Dhaiwat, Nishad !

Atri, Angira and Marichi started steps to discover

With Pulrhitu, Pulastya and Vashishtha

To find the ashtasiddhi(the divine 8 accomplishments) of anmik

The expansion of the Glorious Dignity was desired to be known

Eshitva or Vashitva

The eight divine accomplishments of the Saptarshi (seven stars)

Eshitva or Vashitva
The eight divine accomplishments of the Saptarshi (seven stars)
Finding nine celestial treasures
Lotus, Kuber’s White Lotus, Conch, a sea monster (Kamdev, God of love)
Tortoise, Mukund (Vishnu), Jasmine, Blue Sapphire, A large number of one million;
Basis of dashavataar (ten incarnations of the Lord Vishnu)
The Matsyavataar (incarnation in fish) saved the Vedas of Saptarshi
And the family of Manu
The tortoise form of Lord Vishnu saved the mountain of Mandaar
And Vasuki’s body churned the sea to get nectar of immortality
The boar incarnation brought the earth
Out of the tough four loops of Ambunidhi
After killing Hiranyaksh
The God Narsinha saved Prahlaad
By killing Hiranyakashyap
Vaman killed the Baali
By covering the Earth in two steps
And the Demon king in the third
Parashuraam, Ram and Krishna
Had slain the demons
And Buddha changed that concept

What was surprising if His statue,
Was dropped down by the children of Devadatta
Alas! Nobody can save Bamyan
Neither Kalki nor Maitreyi
Come soon riding the White Sea
To bring revolution
In fourteen Bhuvans and thirteen Worlds
Within the noises of this world
The childhood is frightened

But now the science interrupted in mind
This is the theory of aging
Dashavataar is the actual
New theory of development
Fish, Tortoise then Boar
Then Narsimh then Vaman
Interrelated development of human face
That was being searched

Giving the name of Dashavataar
Was that Bharat, who had stopped the way of scientific concepts?
The link was broken in finding Kalki (the tenth incarnation)
Oh ! Had Maitreyi come to disclose that link?

It seems I found the edge of the loop
I was unnecessarily scared to get sixteen remedies
Ved, Puran, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Economics,
Those knowledge of Leelavati- Bhamati by Aryabhatt
Characteristics of Political Sceince, Mathematics, Physics
The lesson of action
Was blown away by the superstitions

Where Philosophy has become unanswered
And Science has given some solutions
Then I will hold the end of this, dear master!
That vanished puzzles
Not far away
The circumference is of course small
I will increase its circumference
The contractor of the Philosophy will again change
The Philosophy into the Religion and
The Religion into the definitions of different heavens and hells
The Physics and Astronomy have made Astrology
The Science is turned into superstitions
When answers will be manipulated
Then let the question be unanswered

Everyone has forwarded but Bharat-Tanay is behind
Also in Lilawati as well as in Bhanumati
How will he find the difference of caste system
The essay of Vyaasji in admiration of Eklavya
But none had perpetuated the work

The gap of millennium created casteism
Science and Art
Hunger and food
All have turned racist, how will they be free

I recalled the differentiated rows in the feast
The repeated offerings of Khaja-Laddu in the first row
But was served once in the second row
Stopping the way of Bhagirathi of Art and Science
Getting obstacle of Rahu

I recall the funeral of my Father
The day long victimization by the Kantaha Brahmin
And the exhausting Gadur Puran in the evening

The changes in celestial positions
And the darkness of the eclipse
Have become unholy to get money
The defence lesson of Ramayana
When had it taught the lesson of violent spirituality

The lessons of Vyaas, Karna, Eklavya, Krishna
About social equality
Are still alive
Not yet vanished
The liberal thoughts from before two millenniums
Why had they dried up
As deficient as the flow of Saraswati

No sooner when the Goddess of Knowledge had left
She dried up without water without intellect
Will she come back, in disguise,
To our country of Bharat?

Will this awful discussion ever end?
Or, leaving the lesson of Eklavya, Karna, Krishna,
We will start learning ekka-dukka-panja-chhakka
Same as Yudhisthir and Shakuni
Shakuni will change kachcha baarah to pakka baarah
And will win with pau-baarah

How can fate be directed by
The three dices and four coloured pawns
The four nests of Chaupad and twenty four positions in each nest
Will it destruct the Indian homes?

If I had met Yudhisthir, I would be telling him
You should have played the Chaupad of four players
Where rules are easier

You complicated the entertaining game of two
You hadn’t played the game rather
You had played with the country and the women
That is why this complaint
You had committed the crime bigger than Shakuni had

He, whose name is Laalchadi
Is the Satghariya
Tee Tee
I used to play during Mango season
I also played dices with my wife
After Dwiragman till Bharfori
Oh Yudhisthirs of descendants of Bharat
Don’t play this game day-night
And teach every one this
Complementing the music
Notes removing the fearful souvenir
Give me the boon of good thoughts
So that I can sing the prayers

The Kali depicts dark
This is not the full truth
The voice of yours is white
That will be the new change

Eliminating the cloud, fear has gone
The sky thundered to raise
The fire
Keeping deep in the heart
Brain stopped, ash is poured
Chank trumpet announces braveness
Remover of fear
With the stick of dreams of memories
I will break
I will churn the world
With my mighty hands, at the gate
The taste of feast of two rows in the village

I will release wisdom and prudence
I will break the discrimination of two rows
Or I will run away to the city
Village will remain village
Or will be sunk in the Bhagirathi
One who will stop the flow of storm like Bhagirathi
Will be sunk and will sink the village of discriminated two rows
Because of own misdeeds

The pleasant grounds of forests
The smiling jungles
The perplexed flower surrounded by spines
Philosophy is engaged in finding Brahmins

Scattered earth
The Ganges- narrowed and exhausted
Not flawless
The delicate facts about Science and Maths
Were misfortune of Tapini

The city of Buddha will be established
The God, the heaven – all a matter of humour
The people of village
Peerless views
New songs
In the village

One who has given me exile in the village
Because of his own thoughts
I will give him breathes
In return

For sake of own views
Who played the games in two millenniums
His village is like a forest
Buddha’s place, which was made a spine
Will be adorned with flowers

In the game of two,
For the views,
I will throw extra dices
In the four eras of the Chaupad of the millennium

I will discover even those which are unknown
But what is known
Let me justify those first

God’s existence without any limits or bonds
Then at what basis did he make the houses
And if he didn’t have right to choose the basis
Then, what rules did he make for the universe
Does this mean that with the end of the sun, the moon and the stars
That creator will also die according to the rule

And if this is also not true
Then what reason did the God have
For creating this universe
The self created universe
The God of the universe
And mind of the Master of that God
What thoughts are going on in that mind?
The universe filled with sapphires and lotuses,
And in the middle of this
Our sun is a simple star
We are living creatures of merely a small planet
In its dynasty
I am thinking to destroy this creation with a weapon.


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