NEVER SET -DR. SHEFALIKA VERMA translated by self from maithili



O, Ziradai Divine !
A Son of your soil
Bestowed on you
The Status of shrine !!

How can one forget
"The Rajendra Prasad
Who has never stood second."
How do we forget
The Sacrifice,
The Simpicity
Which is lost at present ?

Ah, the deplorable trend
Most prevalent today
We all hanker for riches
Whole day, every day !
Rare is the principle of Rajendra
"Simple living,
High Thinking'
Nurtured at Ziradai.

With a devout heart and a polite bow
Recalling the sevices of Rajendra Babu
Adorns our hearts with pride and glow !
Friends, wipe your tears,
Sweep aside your fears
For the day shall come
Today or Tommorrow
When the sacrifices he tendered
Will herald a dawn of blissful glory
Followed by the sun of Rajendra's splendour
Which shall not set,

translated by self from maithili